Rainmaking Breakfast: The key missing piece for innovation in the insurance industry

January 26 2018 08:00
80 RR Robinson Road, Singapore
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Join us on Friday, 26th January for an insurance-industry specific deep-dive into what drives impactful innovation initiatives... and to put it bluntly, what really doesn't. In light of the fact that our contemporary insurance-industry context is characterised by:

  • a fast-unbundling value chain, and
  • the emergence of new specialisations that have significant implications for existing business and risk models,

the need to set a realistic and impactful strategy for future growth and renewal is imperative. In this session we will look at the key missing pieces to designing and executing genuinely impactful innovation strategy: Disruption Mapping and building a responsive Investment Thesis to frame and hold accountable your portfolio of innovation initiatives. 

You will hear from Jordan Schlipf, Rainmaking co-founder, VC and serial entrepreneur, at this exclusive event for leaders in the insurance industry. The session is designed to help you to develop and execute a robust innovation strategy to support longer term renewal in parallel with BAU. Feedback from attendees when Jordan last spoke in Singapore in November included:

  • "Amazing! This is real innovation, this is what we should be doing. I have got to get you in front of the rest of our business unit heads."
  • "One of the best things on this topic I've been to. You’ve given me some very useful tools to be able to structure many conversations I’m already having."
  • "This morning was a bundle of fun - a truth machine-gun... If Tarantino did Innovation!"
  • "To date the best session I have attended at Lattice80."

We will address:

  • What does an innovation strategy look like when it blends new ventures and startup partnerships?
  • How to move past low-impact, low-return initiatives like hackathons, innovation contests, accelerators and CVC, and instead generate genuine business impact for future renewal
  • How to identify strategically relevant growth opportunities, based on appropriate Disruption Mapping in the context of emerging technology and business model innovation
  • How to build a responsive Investment Thesis, and how to generate buy-in across multiple Business Units within your organisation
  • How to compete or collaborate with startups serving previously unserved customer segments?
  • How to engage with InsurTech startups when only 1 in 10 collaboration attempts are successful?

Space is limited, so to register to attend, please either sign up at the link below or reply to this email.