Rainmaking Breakfast: Innovation Strategy, What are the Key Missing Pieces?

April 18 2018 08:00
JustCo Marina One East Tower, 7 Straits View
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Please join us on Wednesday, 18th April for a small-group exploration as to what drives impactful innovation initiatives... and to put it bluntly, what really doesn’t.

You will hear from Samuel Hall, Managing Director for Rainmaking ASEAN, who will deep-dive into the key missing pieces that both frame and hold accountable effective innovation initiatives: startup Disruption Mapping, building a responsive Investment Thesis, and aligning P&L specific focuses to both group strategy and internal capabilities.

In light of the fact that our contemporary corporate context is characterised by:

  • fast-unbundling value chains,  
  • customer journeys that are impacted by business model innovation at various levels of sophistication at multiple different stages, 
  • the emergence of new specialisations that have significant implications for existing business models, and 
  • emerging tech innovation,

the need to set a realistic and impactful strategy for future growth and renewal is of paramount importance.

In this small-group workshop, we explain how to do so. And by extension, how to make effective, commercially impactful use of your growth or innovation budget.

You will hear from Samuel Hall, Managing Director of Rainmaking ASEAN, who through theory and relevant case studies will demonstrate how to develop and execute a robust innovation strategy to support longer term renewal in parallel with BAU.

We will cover:

  • How to move past low-impact, low-return ‘innovation theatre’ initiatives and instead generate genuine business impact for future renewal 
  • How to identify strategically relevant growth opportunities, based on appropriate Disruption Mapping in the context of emerging technology and business model innovation 
  • How to build a responsive Investment Thesis, and how to generate buy-in across multiple Business Units within your organisation 
  • What does an innovation strategy look like when it blends new ventures and startup partnerships? 
  • How to compete or collaborate with startups serving previously unserved customer segments? - How to engage with startups when only 1 in 10 collaboration attempts are successful?

Date and Time: Wednesday, 18th April 2018 

7.45am, Breakfast & Registration 

8.00am, Session Commences 

9.30am, Close 

Venue: JustCo, #05-01, Marina One East Tower, 7 Straits View

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