Rainmaking Breakfast: Betting Your Innovation Budget? Why Risk it on CVC?

January 24 2018 08:00
80RR Robinson Road, Singapore
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Corporate Venturing or “Strategic Venturing” is inexplicably on the rise. in 2016 alone, 107 CVC funds made their debut, with corporate investments climbing to a crazy $24.9 billion globally!

According to CB Insights, active CVC more than doubled from 2012 to 2016 - so why the huge growth? 

That’s not a rhetorical question… we genuinely don't understand why so many corporates consider CVC to be a sensible part of their innovation strategy.

Please join us at 8am on Wednesday, 24th January at 80 Robinson Road for the next in our series of breakfast workshops. We will unpick the reasons why in almost all cases CVC is doomed to fail, why it doesn't work as a strategic play, and importantly, what a more impactful use of CVC funds looks like.

We will address:

- Why the odds are heavily stacked against CVC funds: 75% of all VC funds lose everything.
- Why ‘Deal Flow’ means more than just quantity of startups
- Why the human skillset and capability required to play in this space is so difficult (almost impossible) to establish
- Why CVCs have huge difficulty competing for the best startups with VC funds that have spent years investing in their network for this purpose alone (pro tip: can you really expect to compete with the Andreessen Horowitzs, Union Square Ventures and Sequoia Capitals of this world?!)
- Why the odds of unlocking the strategic benefits of your investments are even lower than your chance of a positive IRR.
- Why it is so tough to establish genuine synergies amidst the corporate treacle of legal and procurement departments, and the need to sell solutions back into Business Units
And very importantly...
- What a realistic, credible and genuinely impactful alternative use of CVC funds looks like, and
How forward-thinking corporates are increasingly moving to reposition funds for real venture building in tandem with professional entrepreneurs.”

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