Rainmaking KL: Lunch & Learn Series - Kickoff

Rainmaking KL: Corporate Innovation Lunch (DTAP Special)

Samuel Hall, MD of Rainmaking ASEAN

Rainmaking KL's first ever "lunch & learn" session proved to be a great success. The workshop covered on why corporates should ignore 'digital' buzzwords when it comes to executing innovation initiatives, thus tackling difficulties regarding companies' urgent need to move towards future-proofing their business.

The session was graced by the likes of companies from various industries, which include but are not limited to construction, insurance, food, and more. What was interesting to discover was how in spite of field differences, all these companies share similar barriers to innovation as they all struggle with the best step forward to deal with disruption in their respective industries. 

The workshop included valuable content on how corporates can best begin their innovation journey, and why business model innovation is what will make them money, as opposed to digitisation. 

The session also covered on how corporates can gain access to funding and tax incentives through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)’s Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP) to support their innovation initiatives with Rainmaking.

As companies in Malaysia begin to mature and understand what it means to innovate, Rainmaking KL will proactively host more “lunch & learn” sessions to help P&L owners and corporate innovators develop and execute robust innovation strategies to support longer term renewal in parallel with Business As Usual (BAU). What better way to learn than to connect in a cozy yet friendly setting.

So don’t miss out! Our next one will be on the 16th of May, Wednesday, on ‘How to Execute Corporate-Startup Engagement.’ 

Seats are limited, so please register here now!

By Merissa Jaffri

Head of Partnerships

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